Seperate Entries

Seperate Entries

Koomen's specializes in designing and constructing beautiful and functional separate entrances that blend seamlessly with your home's existing style.

Seperate Entries

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Separate Entrance Renovations

A Separate Entrance: The Key to Flexibility, Income, and Increased Value

Are you considering ways to make your home more adaptable to your changing needs or create a revenue stream? A separate entrance renovation could be the perfect solution. Koomen's specializes in transforming homes, adding private entryways that significantly enhance functionality and appeal.

Why Consider a Separate Entrance?

  • Privacy & Independence: A separate entrance is ideal for creating a self-contained guest suite, a private space for older children or in-laws, or accommodating live-in help.
  • Rental Income Potential: Transform a portion of your home into a rental unit, generating additional income to offset your mortgage or create a new revenue stream. Separate entrances appeal to tenants seeking privacy.
  • Accessibility for All: For those with mobility limitations, a separate entrance with minimal steps or a ramp can be life-changing and may even enable aging in place.
  • Unbeatable Return on Investment: Separate entrances consistently rank as a top home feature sought by buyers, significantly boosting your property's value and desirability.

Koomen: Your Transformation Partner

We understand that a separate entrance renovation is more than just adding a door. It's about creating a space that's safe, stylish, and perfectly integrated into your existing home.

Our Comprehensive Services:

  • In-Depth Design Consultations: We listen carefully to your needs, explore design options, and create a plan that matches your vision, budget, and property layout.
  • Structural Expertise: Our team assesses your home's structure, ensuring the safest and most efficient methods for your new entrance while preserving the integrity of your home.
  • Simplifying Permits: We understand the complexities of building codes and can handle the permit process on your behalf, saving you time and headaches.
  • Uncompromising Quality: Craftsmanship is our hallmark. Your new entrance will be built with precision and finished with a focus on durability and aesthetics.
  • Interior Transformations (Optional): We offer full-service solutions to create complete living spaces, including flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, and everything required for a self-contained unit.

Let's Bring Your Vision to Life

"We were hesitant about adding a separate entrance, but Koomen's exceeded our expectations. They took care of everything and the rental income has been fantastic!" – The Miller Family

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