Septic & Water Systems

Septic & Water Systems

Koomen Contracting offers expert installation, maintenance, and repair services for septic systems and water wells. Our licensed and experienced technicians ensure your water and wastewater systems function optimally, protecting your health and the environment.

Septic & Water Systems

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Reliable Septic & Water Systems

Protect your property and your family's health with Koomen's expert solutions.

Koomen Contracting ensures your home's most essential systems are installed correctly, functioning smoothly, and built to last.  From new installations to maintenance and repairs, we provide comprehensive services backed by our certified expertise.

Water Systems

  • Water Line Trenching: Precision excavation and responsible practices.
  • Water Line Installation: Secure connections and reliable water delivery.
  • Water System Troubleshooting & Repairs: Get your water flowing again quickly.

Septic Systems

  • Septic System Design: Tailored solutions for your property and local regulations.
  • Septic Tank Installation: Proper placement and installation for optimal performance.
  • Septic Field and Mound Installation: Efficient, safe, and code-compliant systems.
  • Septic System Maintenance & Repairs: Keep your system running smoothly and prevent future problems

Septic Treatment Systems

  • Field
  • Mound
  • LFH at grade
  • Open discharge

Field System

Conventional Field

  • The most traditional type of septic system.
  • Wastewater flows from the septic tank into a series of perforated pipes buried in trenches filled with gravel. The soil filters the wastewater before it reaches the groundwater.
Conventional Septic System

Chamber Field

  • Similar to a conventional system, but instead of gravel-filled trenches, the drainfield has open-bottomed plastic chambers.
  • Offers increased surface area for soil treatment and requires less space than a conventional system.
Chamber Septic System

Drip Distribution Field

  • Uses a network of small-diameter tubing buried in a shallow drainfield.
  • Controlled doses of wastewater are pumped through the tubing, allowing for even distribution and better filtration.
  • Useful in areas with limited space or challenging soil conditions.
Drip Distribution System

Mound System

Mound Systems

  • Used when the natural soil is unsuitable for a traditional drainfield (e.g., too shallow or too much clay).
  • A raised mound of sand and gravel is constructed above the natural ground level to create a suitable drainfield area.

LFH At Grade

Forest Floor Utilization:

  • Designed specifically for forested areas.
  • Relies on the existing LFH (Leaf Forest Humus) layer for wastewater treatment. This layer is the decomposed organic material on the forest floor.

System Design:

  • Requires an Advanced Treatment Unit (ATU) to pre-treat wastewater.
  • Uses pressure distribution and specialized chambers to disperse effluent.
  • Chambers are covered with wood chips, blending with the natural environment.


  • Excellent treatment quality.
  • Minimal disruption to the forest, avoiding tree removal.
LFH At Grade

Open Discharge

  • Environmental and Health Hazards: Open discharge systems release untreated or minimally treated wastewater directly into the environment. This poses severe risks to public health and water quality, contaminating soil and groundwater sources.
  • Legality: These systems are illegal in most developed countries due to the significant environmental and health risks they pose.
  • Ethical Considerations: Promoting open discharge systems could be harmful as they go directly against modern sanitation practices and environmental regulations.

Available Upgrades

Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU)

  • An advanced system that uses oxygen and bacteria to speed up the natural decomposition process of wastewater.
  • More complex than traditional systems, but produces higher quality effluent.
  • Good option for sites with poor soil conditions or limited space.
Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU)

Evapotranspiration Systems

  • Used in arid climates with suitable soil conditions.
  • Wastewater flows into a lined bed where it evaporates into the air. Water doesn't reach the groundwater.

Recirculating Sand Filter System

  • Can be constructed above or below ground.
  • Wastewater travels from the septic tank to a pump chamber, then gets pumped into the sand filter.
  • The filter is typically a PVC-lined or concrete box filled with sand.

Sand Filter System

  • Mimics treatment processes found in natural wetlands.
  • Wastewater flows from the septic tank into a constructed wetland cell.
  • Cell contains a liner, gravel, sand, and specially selected wetland plants.

Recirculating Sand Filter System

Recirculating Sand Filter System

  • A type of decentralized wastewater system with common ownership.
  • Serves multiple homes or buildings (often found in rural subdivisions).

Recirculating Sand Filter System

Choosing the Right System

The best type of septic system for your property depends on several factors, including:

  • Soil conditions: The type of soil you have will determine how well wastewater can be treated.
  • Space limitations: Some septic systems have smaller footprints than others.
  • Local regulations: Specific regulations may apply to different types of systems.
  • Budget: More advanced systems tend to be more expensive to install.

It's always advisable to consult a professional septic installer or a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP) to determine the most appropriate system for your needs.

Why Choose Koomen

  • Certified Installers: Ensuring your system meets all requirements and protects the environment.
  • Comprehensive Approach: We handle every step, from design and permits to installation and final inspection.
  • Reliable Service: Keeping your water flowing and your septic system functioning worry-free.
  • Protecting Your Investment: Properly installed and maintained systems safeguard your property value

Let's ensure your property's essential systems are in top form. Contact us for a consultation